Fears and Phobias

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A phobia is an intense or persistent fear of a situation or object which is accompanied by an unreasonable desire or fear to avoid the problem. It is said that at least 6% of the UK population may suffer from phobias so they are extremely common. If you are looking for help with fears and phobias in Hertfordshire then we have worked with many variations of this problem including fear of balloons, eyes, food and many more.

The problem with a phobia is that although the individual who is suffering from it may recognise that their reaction is out of proportion they will still do anything to avoid it. This may lead to them altering the way in which they lead their life so that they avoid coming into contact with the object or situation. This may seem to offer some temporary relief however in reality it could mean living in fear of coming across the problem unexpectedly. This altered lifestyle means that not only are they avoiding the problem but also situations or experiences which may give them pleasure as well.

If for example, a person has a fear of flying they may do anything to avoid going near a plane. They would perhaps love to see relatives on the other side of the world but because the journey seems impossible to them they are missing out on a pleasurable experience as well.

Why You May Have a Phobia

In many cases a phobia is formed in early childhood for the reasons outlined below:

Classic Conditioning – If you have the misfortune to be bitten by a dog then in many cases you may go out of your way to avoid all dogs and not just the one that injured you.

Positive Reinforcement – When you are a child it is not unusual to feign illness in order to avoid going to school. If this behaviour was “rewarded” by the parents by allowing you to continually stay at home then it may be possible for the child to develop a phobia of people or the school.

Inherited Phobia – Many phobias are passed down from parents to their children. If you have a parent who is constantly telling their children how worried and scared they are of spiders then it is not unusual for this fear to be passed on to the child.

Types of Phobia

No matter how the fear or phobia started it can be debilitating for the person experiencing it causing feelings of anxiety, panic and loss of control. Hypnotherapy for Phobias helps by determining where possible the root cause of the problem and managing it so it no longer has the same impact. There are currently thousands of listed phobias so it is impossible to name all of them on this website but some of the most common include:*

• Fear of Spiders
• Fear of Flying
• Fear of Enclosed spaces
• Fear of Vomiting
• Fear of animals or insects
• Fear of Driving
• Fear of Dentists
• Fear of Medical Procedures
• Fear of Heights
• Fear of Crowds
• Fear of Open Spaces

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which can help to alleviate a phobia through the use of relaxation and visualisation techniques which can help to desensitise you to the problem. Then you are taught new habits so that you start to become detached from the object of your original fear so that your emotional response reduces. Read some of our latest client testimonials. *

Arrange Therapy Help for Fears and Phobias

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