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fertility hypnosis st albans hertfordshireFertility Hypnosis in Hertfordshire

In the last ten years more and more studies are showing that increased stress can have an impact on a person’s fertility. In particular, it can impact your ability to conceive and even decrease your chances of having successful IVF treatment. Balance Hypnosis are specialists in Fertility Hypnosis in Hertfordshire and work with you to reduce your stress levels so that your body is better prepared for pregnancy*

In a recent study carried out by Professor Sarah Berga from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia, a link between stress and infertility was identified. In the study, Professor Berga noted that women who had hectic jobs were more at risk of infertility and were in denial about the stress in their lives. The good news was that she found that simple talking therapies can reverse the impact of stress and boost a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.*

Fertility Hypnosis when it is used to assist infertility can be a useful tool to reduce stress and restore balance to the body. This may be helpful, especially where you have unexplained infertility or are feeling increased stress and anxiety about your ability to conceive. We work with you to help decrease any worries that you may have so that you can feel calm and relaxed again. This can be helpful whether you choose to try and become pregnant using natural means or through IVF.*

Fertility Hypnotherapy and IVF

Recent studies in Israel have shown that hypnosis may double the success of IVF treatment. Studies at Soroka University found that 28% of the women in their trial group who were hypnotised became pregnant, compared with 14% of those who were not. The study showed that hypnotherapy helped the women to relax as well as be more positive and prepared for their treatment.*

If you have experienced problems conceiving then hypnosis is a treatment which can help to remove unhelpful thoughts and emotions that may be linked to your failure to become pregnant. In addition, hypnosis can be used to help manage any stress or tension that you may be feeling. This means that any negative emotions which are creating an adverse environment preventing the success of your IVF cycles can be managed or removed where possible.*

Our Fertility Programs

Our Fertility Hypnosis programs offer a wide range of solutions which can help you to conceive. In particular, we offer:

Natural Pregnancy Program – Three sessions of hypnotherapy to reduce any stress and anxiety to prepare you for pregnancy.*

Removing Limiting Beliefs – A four-session program to help you let go of any negative emotions which may be preventing you from becoming pregnant.*

IVF Support – A five-session program tailored around your IVF treatments. Please book well in advance of your procedure so that you get the appointment times you require.*

Our fertility programs help because:

  • They use a holistic approach and avoid anxiety medication.
  • We tailor our sessions to your individual needs.
  • Unconcious blockages to conception can be worked on and in many cases put to one side.
  • We help you to reduce your stress so you are mentally prepared for conception.
  • Visualisation exercises are taught to help you to picture positive change.
  • We mentally prepare you for IVF and remove thoughts of failure.
  • Where necessary subconscious fears can be dealt with (weight gain, relationship problems etc…).
  • Past traumas or losses can be helped so that you can look towards a positive future.
  • We even help you with lifestyle issues. Weight Loss Help and Stop Smoking hypnosis sessions.*

Booking Fertility Hypnosis Sessions in St Albans or Online

For more details about our Fertility Hypnosis in Hertfordshire then please give us a call on 07771 804 974 for more details. We are happy to offer all prospective clients a free telephone consultation.

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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