Hypnotherapy For Fear of Flying

fear of flying hypnosis st albans hertfordshireBalance Hypnosis St Albans are the experts in Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying in Hertfordshire. We work with you to understand the reasons why you are experiencing the fear and then help your subconscious mind to change any irrational thoughts or feelings surrounding that fear. Rationally you know that there should be no reason to worry about air travel but another part of your mind seems to take over and that is what makes you feel anxiety and panic.*

Fear of Flying Hypnosis in St Albans

When clients come to us asking for Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying they may not realise that their real fear actually lies elsewhere. In fact the flying fears are often associated with:

Claustrophobia – The plane is not the problem but the confined space is.

Control Issues – The mind believes that it needs to be in charge to feel safe.

Escape – Due to past experiences unconnected with flying a person feels the need for an escape route.

Noise – The noises on a plane are unfamiliar and can lead to worry.

Turbulence – When a plane experiences turbulence the flyer believes they are about to crash.

General Anxiety – If you already suffer anxiety a fear of flying may be one of a number of fears.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying can also help people who feel that they need to self medicate during the flight with alcohol or prescription drugs. As part of our program we work with you to understand that a much more powerful way of creating calm and relaxation during a flight is with self hypnosis. We even give all our clients a free Conquer your Fear of Flying mp3 so that they can practice hypnosis, visualisation and stress management in the comfort of their own home. The regular use of this mp3 download before and during your flight will help you to enhance our sessions together so that you take back control.*

Self-Hypnosis for Fear of Flying 

For clients who are unable to visit our clinics directly, our Fear of Flying audio can be purchased on our sister website.

Self-hypnosis downloads are a great way of relaxing your mind and helping you to think differently by using subconscious suggestions. Use our download daily in the month leading up to your flight to train your mind to think more calmly and clearly.





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Conquer Your Fear of Flying

At our Hertfordshire Hypnosis clinics we work with you to find the root cause of your problem. By understanding why your subconscious has the fear it is easier to make changes to the way that you think feel and behave. Our aim is to alter any negative or unhelpful feelings and replace them with new positive thoughts as well as feelings of relaxation and calm.*

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying – Free Telephone Consultations

At our clinics we specialise in Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying in Hertfordshire which can help you to take back control. If you would like to talk to us before booking an appointment then please call us at the number below and we will arrange a telephone consultation to discuss your problem in more detail.

Call 07771 804 974

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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