Skype Hypnosis Online Hypnotherapy

No matter where you are in the world it is now possible to arrange Skype Hypnosis Online Hypnotherapy with Martina McKeough. Technology has now made it possible for online hypnotherapy sessions to take place either through the use of Skype or alternatively via Facetime. Even better there is no extra charge for using either of these services as the online calls are free. Online hypnosis is transforming the way in which we work and has enabled us to talk to clients throughout the UK and beyond.

Online Hypnosis

By signing up to either Facetime or Skype it will allow you to speak on a one to one basis with your therapist without you ever leaving the comfort of your home or office. This is ideal if you are time poor as you will be able to avoid any driving or public transport. It is also an excellent way of seeing clients who are physically unable to reach one of our clinics.

We find that many of clients are also able to relax in their own space more than they would in a clinic. As hypnosis is all about the relaxation this aids the entire process. This form of communication is also very private and confidential.

Conducting Hypnotherapy by Skype

In order to participate in Skype Hypnosis Online Hypnotherapy you will need the following

A good internet connection which is connected with broadband.

A PC or Tablet with a webcam.

Sound facilities on the tablet or pc.

A space where you can conduct your session without being disturbed.

Booking Your Online Session

Simply give us a call on 07771 804 974 or alternatively send us an email from our contact page. We will then contact you to arrange a suitable time for an appointment. Before any sessions take place you will be required to fill out a questionnaire which is a requirement of our professional body the General Hypnotherapy Register. We will also send you a booking and cancellation policy. Our session charges are:

£90 Per Hour Weekdays

£120 Per Hour Weekend or Bank Holiday Sessions

To discuss how Skype Hypnosis Online Hypnotherapy can help you please ring today on 07771 804 974.

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