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hypnobirthing in st albans hertfordshireHypnobirthing In St Albans

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool when it is combined with a woman’s birthing instinct as it helps a woman take back control of their labour. This means that you are empowering yourself to have the birth that you want to have and not the birth that others want you to experience. If you are looking for Hypnobirthing Hertfordshire then our classes will equip you with all the information you will need to have a safer and more comfortable birth experience.*

Studies have shown that Hypnobirthing:-

• Can mean a shorter labour and birth
• Reduce the need for pain relief or medication
• Can lead to a calmer baby
• Decreases the risk of an episiotomy
• Reduces the risk of a managed labour*

Hypnobirthing Classes and Birth Education

Hypnobirthing provides you with a birth education program for both you and your partner encompassing relaxation and breathing techniques, self hypnosis and birth preparation. As an advanced pain control hypnotherapist I also spend part of the lessons teaching you methods for pain reduction and control. Specialist pain control hypnotherapy allows many people to get the benefit of anaesthesia and pain reduction without the need for any medication through entirely natural methods.*

The optimal time to begin your Hypnobirthing course is when you are approximately 30 weeks pregnant with any subsequent sessions taking place at fortnightly intervals (32 and 34 weeks). Each of these three sessions lasts for around two hours and you are actively encouraged to bring your partner with you during the session. This timescale can of course be tailored to your individual needs subject to prior discussion.

Self-Hypnosis for Birth

Powerful self hypnosis techniques are taught during your Hypnobirthing Hertfordshire classes which will enable you to experience calm and relaxation when practiced at home or in the delivery room. In addition, you will be empowered to take back control of your labour so that you can proceed with your birth following your natural instincts rather than automatically following someone else’s birth plan which may not be suitable for you.*

The course is supplemented with a manual detailing all aspects of the course as well as an audio designed for self hypnosis relaxation practice at home. Our  program can also be tailored to help you with any unique problems such as nausea control, fears and phobias or stress management which could interfere with your labour.*

Details of Our Hypnobirthing Sessions

During the Hypnobirthing Hertfordshire classes, you can expect to gain a comprehensive knowledge of:

• Self Hypnosis & Visualisation Techniques to enable you to remain calm, relaxed and in control.
• How to write a birth plan and what you will need to consider.
• Massage Techniques to enable you to release your natural endorphins which act as painkillers
• A guide to different birth positions
• Perineal massage so that you reduce the risk of tearing
• How to involve your partner so that they become an important part of the birth
• How to remain in control but still to work effectively with your medical team*

By choose to complete a Hypnobirting course you are deciding to transform your labour. The statistics of Fertility2birth practitioners show that:

50% of expectant mothers who used out methods had a labour lasting less than 5 hours. The average length of a labour is 8 hours for the first child. In addition, women who completed this course have an extremely low rate of emergency caesarean at 7%.*

Booking a Hypnobirthing Program

Our course is created so that it is straightforward and uses simple techniques that can be practiced at home with amazing results. If you would like to know more about Hypnobirthing Hertfordshire then please contact me at the following number:*

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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