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fear of driving hypnotherapy st albans hertfordshireFear of Driving Hypnotherapy Hertfordshire

Feelings of panic and anxiety associated with driving are extremely common and can manifest themselves in a number of different ways. Sometimes the fear that you are experiencing in the car is not even associated with the driving but may be associated with a worry about the place that you are driving to or a fear of failure. At Balance Hypnosis St Albans we work with you to determine the underlying cause of your phobia so that we can get you back in a car again. Fear of Driving hypnotherapy can be helpful in getting you to feel more confident and in control whilst in a car.*

For clients who are unable to attend our clinics, you can purchase our Overcome a Fear of Driving mp3 at our sister website Balance Hypnosis Downloads.

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Stop Fear of Driving Hypnosis Downloads

Reasons for a Fear of Driving

Motorway Driving Phobia – This is often associated with newly qualified drivers who have never experienced significant exposure to this type of driving when learning. The motorway can seem daunting because of the speeds and the amount of traffic on the road.

Fear of Driving in Traffic – Some people may feel comfortable driving around back roads in quiet areas but when they come into a town centre they feel overwhelmed by the number of cars on the road. This may mean that they start to avoid dual carriageways, rush hour and driving in the centre of town.

Fear of Bridges – Some clients fear driving over bridges because their real fear is regarding heights and not the actual driving.

Driving Test Fears – We also work with people who are feeling anxious because of their driving test. Through the use of positive visualisation and relaxation techniques we can help to calm your nerves.*

Total Avoidance of Driving – If you have a total fear of driving and are unable to visualise yourself even getting in to a car and starting lessons we can also help you to take back control.*

Driving Phobia Treatment with Hypnosis

The first thing we do with all our clients is give them the tools to take back control. We teach you techniques to stop anxiety and panic through the use of deep relaxation with hypnosis and through the use of NLP. By working with you to discover the reasons for your negative thoughts we can target our suggestions to the very specific issues that you have with your driving.*

Mental rehearsal and positive thinking are used during our driving phobia hypnotherapy but we may also find the need to get to the root cause of your problem. This is because many people come to us believing that they have a fear of driving but when we question the subconscious we find that the fear is for something slightly different. A fear of open spaces, claustrophobia and social phobia for example can all be associated with problems with driving.*

Book Your Stop Driving Fears Hypnosis Program

We offer our clients a free telephone consultation before booking any Fear of Driving hypnotherapy session. Ring us today for more details about our treatments and how we can help you on 07771 804 974

*Please note that as this is a form of therapy we are unable to guarantee results which may vary from person to person

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